Monday, May 24, 2010

250 Words: Lost

I’m writing this about a half hour before the series finale of Lost.  I’ll be watching and I’ll be soaking it in.  I’m not expecting to get all of the answers and I don’t really want all of the answers.  I just want a great ride and I think that’s exactly what we will get.  In my opinion, I think Lost has always been more about the way we get the answers than the answers themselves.  In fact, I think that getting too many answers would mean that the writers and producers no longer believe that we are smart enough to put things together and it would be inconsistent with the way they’ve run the show up to this point. 

I know that this is going to be posted after the Lost finale and all my speculation will have been replaced by satisfaction and joy or frustration and anger but right now I’m trusting that they’ll treat us right.  Maybe I’ll post more tomorrow and I’ll be all, “Damn, that alternate ending they showed on Jimmy Kimmel Live was totally the way it should have ended and I want my money back,” or “Can you believe that Jack killed Kate and Hurley ate Locke?” or “Wasn’t it awesome when Locke fought other Locke and everyone stood around looking confused at which Locke they should shoot?” or “Didn’t you wish they played that Victoria’s Secret commercial more often?” or “It was completely satisfying when Ben revealed himself to be a Visitor.”

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