Monday, May 03, 2010

250 Words: Volume

Holy shit, the TV just got loud.  I’m not even in the same room and it’s hurting my ears.  Why does this happen?  Why do commercials crank up the volume?  Didn’t we figure out a way to fix this in the ‘90s?  I remember it was a problem and then it wasn’t.  Now it’s a problem again.  Is it just my audio set up?  If not, what the fuck?  How could advertisers think that blasting you out of your living room is going to do anything besides annoy the shit out of you?  My first reaction is to hit the mute button and walk away.  Instead of watching your ad I’m now actively ignoring it.  You’ve accomplished the exact opposite of your goal, Advertising Agency.  I know that TiVo has put a major dent in your effectiveness but you’re not helping yourselves.  Why hasn’t someone stepped in on this?  Didn’t the Government pass some sort of bill that required ads to stop pulling this shit back in the ‘90s?  Has this lapsed or are the ad people just ignoring it?  What government agency do I call to register a complaint?  If it wasn’t for Lost I’d just stop watching TV altogether.  Well, I’d still watch football and maybe some basketball and hockey.  And Mythbusters.  I love that show.  Have you seen it?  They spend a lot of time blowing shit up.  Who am I kidding, I’m a TV junkie.  I could never totally give it up, though it’s a noble

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