Thursday, May 06, 2010

Neighborhood Friendly

Dee was watching The Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday and the teams were tasked with creating radio jingles for a company called Benjamin Franklin Plumbing (BFP).  Brett Michaels did a radio ad that used all of BFP’s little catch phrases.  One of the phrases he was told to use was “neighborhood friendly.”  What does that mean?  What could it possibly mean?  It’s obviously a euphemism for something.  Companies only use those kinds of euphemisms when they are trying to hide something that isn’t socially accepted.  When they say “neighborhood friendly” I think they’re saying, “We won’t send a black plumber to your lilly-white suburb.”  To be fair, they are also saying, “We won’t send a white plumber to your predominately black neighborhood.”

Is there anything else it could possibly be?  Am I just reaching for racism here?  Are my views tainted because I’m adopted?

Either way, I don’t think Benjamin Franklin would approve.

1 comment:

  1. I don't think your views would be tainted unless you were adopted by a black family? I love Steve Martin in The Jerk.

    Maybe it means they won't have a piss-soaked, shit-stained Roto Rooter truck sitting around your neighborhood, while the guys go out for a 2-hour lunch break.