Monday, June 07, 2010

250 Words: Baseball Sucks

Last night I posted the following on Twitter, "Canada's national sport (#hockey) is so much cooler than America's national sport (#baseball)." This was an attempt to give everyone another reason why Canada is so much cooler than us.  It was also another example of how lame baseball was.  I received several corrections telling me that baseball wasn't our national sport but was, in fact, our national pastime.  I want to thank those people for correcting me.  Yes, baseball is our national pastime.  Interesting in past times.  Now, our national sport is football.  Football is way cooler than baseball and actually makes us as cool as Canada national sport-wise.  Maybe even a little cooler.  Especially since Canada plays a weird, bastardized version of football that involves enormous end zones. 

Don't worry, I still love you, Canada. 

I know that hockey is your thing and that your football is a distant second, maybe even third (behind Curling.)  See?  Canada is still plenty cool.  They have Curling.  Curling is way cooler than Bowling, and Bowling is pretty cool.  They both go well with a good beer and they both are good group activities.  Keep up the good work, Canada.  I like what you're working with up there.  Anyway, the point wasn't to talk about how awesome Canada was (although it kinda was.)  My point was that baseball is so much more boring than hockey.  Seriously.  There's not even a comparison.  Hockey may be the most intense sport on the planet.  Baseball sucks.  Completely.

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