Tuesday, June 01, 2010

250 Words: Jada Pinkett Smith

Really? Do we need another medical drama?  Especially one with Jada Pinkett Smith?  You know, one with a smart black woman who kinda keeps it street?  Does anyone think this show will succeed?  I can't imagine that it will be any good.  What’s it called?  Hawthorne.  It already looks dumb because they keep playing a promo where Jada says, "I run this."  Damn, girl.  Shit's gettin' real up in this piece.  I can only imagine how you'll appeal to the doctors and administrators with your smart side while appealing to the nurses and the rest of the staff with your hard, street side.  It takes that rare blend of playing the exact same character you've played in every other project you've been a part of and being married to Will Smith.  Thank God she’s got it.  How is this show different than Nurse Jackie?   Aside from the fact that Edie Falco has been in something worth watching before.  I don’t even care how it’s different than Nurse Jackie, I just wanted to point out the fact that Smith has never been in anything good.   Whoa, I just discovered that this is the second season of this show.  I’m shocked.   Who is watching this show?  Besides Will Smith, I mean.  Maybe Will Smith counts for more rating points than the average person.   Maybe he’s threatened to use his considerable charm to destroy whoever tries to cancel the show.  Maybe a show on TNT only needs one viewer to get renewed.  Maybe

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