Thursday, June 17, 2010

Am I A Real Sports Fan?

I like sports.  You might even call me a sports fan.  I’d definitely call myself a sports fan.  There are times when I don’t feel like a sports fan, though.

Being a sports fan has changed.  Or maybe it hasn’t.  Maybe fandom has just been amplified by the Internet.  There’s more access.  There’s more information.  If you don’t take advantage of every last bit of access and every last bit of information, you’re not really a sports fan according to those crazies on the Internet.

But, Jeff, you’re a crazy on the Internet.

That’s true, but I’m also not the guy that knows every guy on the Colts practice squad.  Hell, I probably couldn’t name all of the defensive starters.  Does that make me less of a fan?  When I’m at home, no.  When I’m on the Internet (which is also at home) with other fans, yes.  Even when I’m out at bars with other fans it somehow makes me less of a fan.  People expect me to know every detail about my team.  When I don’t know every little detail — like who the Assistant Special Teams Coach is — they dismiss me as some bandwagon jumper who will quit cheering when Peyton Manning leaves.

Will you quit cheering when Peyton Manning leaves?

Probably, but only because the Colts will be terrible and there won’t be much to cheer about.  I’ll still watch every game.  I’ll still pay for NFL Sunday Ticket so that I can see every Colts game.  I think that makes me a big fan, but that’s not the point.  I watch sports because it’s fun.  Sports are entertaining.  Anytime you watch sports there’s a chance you’ll see something amazing.  That’s the point.

I want to watch sports because it’s fun for me to watch sports.  Does knowing more about my teams add to my enjoyment?  Sometimes.  Do you know what really adds to my enjoyment?  Seeing my boys in blue jerseys or gold helmets carry the football across the goal line.  And winning.  Winning adds to my enjoyment.  Can’t that be enough?

Jeff, you’re still crazy.

I know.

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