Monday, June 21, 2010

Fame is Knocking on My Door

Look out everyone.  Things are really starting to happen for me.  This blog is really starting to find some traction with the people in Internet land.  I really think I’m on the cusp of something big.  How do I know?  Do I suddenly have the ability to see the future?  No.  If I could see the future I’d be busy playing the lottery and looking for tropical islands that are for sale.  I know that things are about to blow up because this weekend I had two different people try to persuade me into writing about them on this very blog.

You may not think that means much but I can assure you, it does.  Usually, the Internet isn’t the kind of place you want people to be writing things about you.  In most cases, that is only bad.  People want to have their names in the paper.  They want to be featured on television.  They want to be profiled in magazines.  And now they want to be featured on

I think you can see why I’m excited.

What could have caused this sudden jump to the cusp of widespread popularity?  It’s probably due to a number of factors.  I think that my voice has really struck a chord with people out there right now.  They relate to my problems and they feel like I’m someone who is able to take today’s hot button issues and really make sense of them.  It could also be that I’m writing scathing reviews of popular television shows for a much more popular blog than my own (for now).  It’s probably my unique perspective in this troubling time, though.

I’m sure that several of you will worry about how this new found fame will affect me.  Do not worry.  I repeat: do not worry.  I’m the master of keeping it real.  If you know me personally you know how real I keep things.  My things are extremely real and I plan to keep them that way.  I promise to only run ads for things that I know that you will love and I won’t pressure you to buy my soon to come t-shirts with my famous “Unique. Just like everyone else” slogan.  Most importantly, I won’t let my opinion of the people I write about be colored by things like being able to use their in-ground pool any time I like or being allowed to hang out in their tricked out basement.  Those things will not sway my opinion.  I will write good things about those people because I genuinely like them not because I really love water slides.

See you on the water slide, Joe.


  1. Well played, Joe! And Jeff, I am surprised at you, falling for a bribe. Your political career will be tarnished forever.

  2. I have a magnificent view of the ocean, an endless supply of wine and topless women at the local beaches to look at all day long. Can I be mentioned?

  3. Heather-
    Mentioned? You can have a whole week dedicated to you!

  4. It was the magnificent ocean view that persuaded you wasn't it? Gets 'em everytime.