Monday, June 28, 2010

In Honor of Gay Pride

This weekend was Gay Pride weekend.  In Chicago they hold the Gay Pride Parade on Sunday.  It winds its way through the Boystown neighborhood in Wrigleyville.  For many years I lived near the parade route and I can honestly say that it’s one of the best parties/parades I’ve ever attended.  Everyone is in high spirits, there is a friendly and welcoming feeling for all and they never run out of glitter.

To my gay friends: Happy Pride weekend!  I’m sorry I wasn’t there to celebrate with you, though I’m sure you managed without me.  Just because I wasn’t able to attend the parade and accompanying parties doesn’t mean that I didn’t try to celebrate Gay Pride in my own way.  Here are a few things I did to celebrate Gay Pride:

  • Went to Chipotle, the most fabulous of fast food restaurants.
  • Walked my tiny wiener dog throughout our neighborhood.  Everyone knows there is nothing gayer than a man with a tiny dog in a pink harness.
  • Re-watched Mission: Impossible and Jerry Maguire.
  • Sent my wife out to return some fabulous but impractical shoes she bought.  No, that’s not in the spirit at all.  Scratch that.
  • Danced.  Danced like no one was watching.  To Tiffany.
  • Shredded my marriage license and destroyed my wedding video tapes so there is no evidence of my marriage.  If you can’t, then we shouldn’t be able to, either.
  • Wore my Canada shirt.
  • Watched an episode of Will and Grace and scoffed at the overblown stereotypes.
  • Went to
  • Called my mom.

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