Monday, June 14, 2010

My Eventful Weekend

Some weekends are more eventful than others.  This was one of those eventful weekends.

Friday I went to the Phish show at Toyota Park with one of my college buddies and some of his neighborhood friends.  His neighborhood friends happen to be pretty connected and we got to sit in a skybox — or whatever it’s called.  You know, the ones with air conditioning and sinks and fridges and flat panel TVs.  For a night we got to separate ourselves from the unwashed masses.  Literally.  We had our own little stink free zone.  If the patchouli or body odor got to be too much we could always wander back inside and breathe the heavily conditioned, recirculated air.  We really soaked in the Phish culture.  As an added bonus, Phish decided to play an opening set straight out of our college years and we tweeted about how it took us back to those innocent days before Google.

About a month ago, Dee decided that she wanted to host a barbecue for her old high school friends.  We decided that this Saturday would be the day.  They were all going to bring their families into the city (all of them live in the ‘burbs) and we were going to grill in the park.  Instead, the weather forced us to change venues.  Dee decided to host her barbecue at her friend’s house in the ‘burbs.  I don’t know exactly where it was but the directions were: “Drive to the edge of the world and turn right.  First house on the left.”  The highlight of the day was this exchange with a four year-old child:

Jeff: “Look.  I found a nickel on the couch.”
Four year-old: “Did it come from behind my ear?”

Oh, to live in a magical world where the first place you look for money is behind your ear.

Our Sunday was to be filled with cleaning out a house full of junk.  Don’t ask.  Much to our surprise, we received a call on Saturday telling us that our hauling and hefting services were no longer needed.  Dee took the opportunity to spend money and buy all sorts of junk which I then hauled and hefted into our house.  I took the extra time to watch soccer, nap (sometimes at the same time) and edit some video.  I also spent a large amount of time trying to get Ruthie to stop barking at nothing at all.  Then we ate a really crappy frozen lasagna.  Real productive stuff.

That was my weekend.  How was yours?

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  1. Saturday I attempted to ride a bike for 100 miles, but it turned out to be a ran-shortened and life-threatening 35 miles (to be posted soon). Then i proceeded to eat food, drink beer, and sleep as though I had ridden 100 miles. Sunday, I rode 76 miles, and ate as though I had ridden 200 miles. The rain at least waited until I had finished my lunch!