Friday, July 23, 2010

The Friday Roundup

Hey, look!  It’s another edition of the Friday Roundup.  Just like last week.  I’ll feature another blog and give you the highlights of this one and throw in a few other tidbits.  If you want me to feature your blog, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and I’ll give you some love.

Check This Out
Before I was a world famous blogger and improviser, I was a lowly student trying to learn how to be funny without a script.  As part of my studies, I went to see late night improv shows and one Micah Philbrook was always the star of the show.  He played characters named “The Dreaded Annoyance” and “Comma” and it was the most brilliant thing I had ever seen.  Then I was lucky enough to get hired, perform with the esteemed Mr. Philbrook and we eventually started our own company, pH Productions.

Meet Micah Philbrook.  Read his blog.  Follow him on Twitter.  He’s on a cruise ship in the Atlantic right now and he’s spending a lot of time in the Bahamas, so you’ll read a lot about cruise life.  Check it out.

This Week In Mindsilt
I reviewed another episode of The Bachelorette and informed the world about Blood Pearls.

What?  A post on Wednesday?  Yep.  It was the five year anniversary of this very blog.

I wrote about good drinks and hot redheads in Cleveland.

Tweet of the Week
From Jim Gaffigan:
My neighbor just committed suicide. So weird. I was just talking to him yesterday. I told him no one loved him.

See it here.

This then led to a string of tweets from heaven.  Delightful.

Video of the Week
Tarp Surfing

From the Mindsilt Archives
My State of the Union from 2006

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