Monday, July 26, 2010

A Good Weekend for an Old Man

Damn.  Sometimes the weekend just wipes me out.  Maybe I'm just an old man and I can't keep up the pace that I used to, but holy crap am I tired.  It wasn't even that crazy of a weekend.  I never even got drunk.

Dee and I went to visit friends in the 'burbs and hung out at their pool.  Then we drove to Rockford (somewhere near Rockford, anyway) to visit her friend that lives out there.  They have a boat!

We took their boat out on Lake Geneva and did boat people things.  We rode in the boat.  We jumped out of the boat.  We swam next to the boat.  We drank beers in the boat.  We drank beers in the water next to the boat.  We ate chips.  We peed in the water.  It was fun and relaxing.

You'd think something fun and relaxing would re-energize you, but it didn't.  It made us tired.  At one point during the drive home Dee and I both fell asleep.  (Don't worry, Ruthie was driving.  She's a very good driver.  She has keen eyesight and can always find her way home.)  After Dee and I woke from our short naps, we expressed surprise about how tired we were we began making up excuses.

"The sun just saps your energy."
"Swimming around for five minutes can really wear you out."
"I was standing for most of the boat ride."
"It takes a lot of energy to break down the psychological barriers to allow yourself to pee in the lake while wearing a bathing suit."

We made up those excuses because we didn't want to admit to each other that we're getting old.  It's sadly obvious.  I have as much gray hair as black hair.  If I raise my eyebrows, my forehead turns into a topographical map of Colorado (it's surprisingly accurate).  And Dee?  Well, she's still a ravishingly beautiful woman who looks several years younger than her real age.  I'm just lucky she's willing to stick it out with this aging sack of flesh.  At least I still have control of my bladder--when I'm not in a lake.

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