Thursday, July 08, 2010

Thoughts on LeBron James

Tonight, LeBron James will announce which team he will choose to play for next year (and several years after).  There has been a ton of shit flying around the Internet about what he might or might not do.  Here are my thoughts.

  • If he chooses to stay in Cleveland, he will become Kevin Garnett.  He’ll continue to be the best player in the league who doesn’t have a championship.  Eventually, he’ll have to find another team to latch on to at the end of his career if he wants to win a championship.  Cleveland hasn’t made a real effort to get the players it takes to win a championship in the seven years he’s been there.  What makes anyone think they’ll suddenly start now?
  • If he goes to Miami, he has proven that he definitely does not deserve to fill Michael Jordan’s shoes.  He’s afraid.  He doesn’t have enough confidence in himself to believe that he could win a championship without two of the biggest stars in the league.  He’s practically admitting that he can’t do what Kobe Bryant just did with the Lakers.  Aside from Kobe, who on the Lakers is better than Carlos Boozer, Derrick Rose or Amar’e Stoudemire?  Plus, Miami is Dwayne Wade’s team.  He’d be going to Miami to help Dwayne Wade win his 2nd championship, not win his first.
  • No matter where he goes, he’s going to continue to be super rich.  It will just be a matter of degree.  He needs to think about his legacy.  Does he want to be remembered as one of the best ever?  If so, what will it take?  It will take multiple championships.  It will take multiple championships won with the team riding (mostly) on his back.  Look at Kobe.  He’s won two without Shaq and a bunch of good, well coached players.  LeBron won’t win multiple championships in Cleveland — if he wins any at all.  He may win multiple championships in Miami, but it will be on Wade’s team.  He needs to go somewhere else and win his own championships to have the legacy he wants.
  • With Wade, James and Bosh on the same team, the only reason to watch the NBA would be to see them dominate everyone or watch them implode because they all can’t take 30 shots per game.  Sure, the Celtics made it work with Garnett, Pierce and Allen but those three guys are in the twilight of their careers and all they had left to do was finally win a championship.  Wade, James and Bosh are still in their prime.  Who’s going to give in?  It’s going to have to be Wade or James because they’ll need Bosh’s points inside.
  • This whole process has been extremely depressing as a fan of a small market team (the Indiana Pacers).  Even if the Pacers had enough cap room to sign one of these guys, it would never happen.  No one wants to play in cities like Indianapolis or Milwaukee.  Forget about Salt Lake City; it’s practically a dry town.  They just won’t have the same opportunities for endorsement deals and the kind of nightlife players want.  The only hope for small markets is the draft and a considerable amount of luck.

I implore you, LeBron, make it interesting.  Go somewhere besides Miami or Cleveland.  Then you can be the man who made the NBA relevant again.


  1. The thing is, if he goes to Miami, they have four guys signed and are approaching the cap limit. How are they going to fill the roster with anyone decent enough to be a solid role player? I'd love for him to go to Miami and never win a ring in his career

  2. Good point. Just another reason he shouldn't go to Miami.