Thursday, July 22, 2010

Treat Yourself To A Good Drink

When was the last time you walked into a bar and ordered a cocktail?  I’m not talking about Red Bull and vodka or vodka cranberry or Captain and Diet.  Those are not cocktails.  Those are mixed drinks.  I’m talking about real cocktails.  Drinks that require craftsmanship, knowledge and the proper glass.  Have you ever ordered a Rob Roy?  A Sazerac?  A Highball?  Probably not, and you probably shouldn’t walk into your neighborhood bar and ask for those drinks.  First, they probably won’t have any idea how to make them.  Second, the drink would probably taste like shit.  So, what is my fucking point, then?

My fucking point is that you need to find a place like the Velvet Tango Room and order one of those cocktails.  It’s a whole new way to drink.  You can enjoy subtle, delicious flavors while you get drunk.  You get to go on a little adventure with each drink—especially if you watch the bartender make the cocktail.  There are no blenders, no mixes.  Everything is made by hand.  Everything is delicious.  If there’s not a drink on the menu that really jumps out at you, the bartender will listen to what you like and craft a cocktail especially for you.  Plus, the bartender is a friendly, sexy redhead.  You can never go wrong with friendly, sexy redheads.  Ask my wife.

There is a catch, however.  The Velvet Tango Room isn’t in Chicago.  It’s in Cleveland.

Well, shit.  Now what?  Well, you could go to Cleveland.  It’s really not that far from Chicago (apologies to my readers in Spain).  So go.  Or you could visit The Violet Hour (more apologies to my readers in Spain).  I’ve not yet been but I’ve heard good things and plan to visit soon.  I can’t guarantee a hot redhead bartender, though.


  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I strongly recommend In Fine Spirits in Andersonville.. The place is not fussy, but has amazing hand-crafted cocktails using small batch liquors and local ingredients... Awesome wine selection and small nibbles...

  2. Paulius from The Velvet Tango Room here. Thanks for the kind words! I'll be cocktailing in Chicago soon.

  3. Thanks for the great drinks, Paulius!

  4. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I've lived in Chicago for 10 years. Before that I lived in Cleveland. I travel back a few times a year and I can honestly say that Chicago doesn't have anything that comes close to the Velvet Tango Room in terms of quality, craft, ambiance and class from an era bygone. It is a gem.


  5. Apology accepted.