Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

LeBron made the easy choice.  For those who wondered if he had the killer instinct, they got their answer.  He’s completed his transformation from Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader.  I guess that makes Kobe Bryant Luke Skywalker.  Remember when everyone thought he raped someone?  Kobe, not Luke.  Yeah, LeBron pretty much erased all that.

Spain and the Netherlands played the ugliest and least entertaining soccer game of all time yesterday.  Every last bit of interest the World Cup generated in the U.S. was pretty much completely erased by that game.  For all the excitement that the U.S. Men’s National Team generated in the early rounds, Spain and Holland generated twice as much boredom.  Man, that was ugly.  At least the refs didn’t completely fuck it up.  See you in four years, World Cup, it was simultaneously thrilling and frustrating.

Dee had the fantastic idea of going out to dinner and seeing a movie this weekend.  You know, a date.  Married people can still go on dates, believe it or not.  Except it doesn’t feel like a date.  It just feels like regular life — in a good way.  There’s no butterflies and you don’t have to wear your best underwear just in case.  Anyway, we went to see Cyrus.  You know how characters in most comedies are more like cartoons than real people?  In Cyrus, the characters are human.  They may be a little more funny than most humans, but they were human.  It’s not just a good comedy, it’s a good movie.  Of course, I like dark humor and when movie makers actually try to entertain you with story instead of special effects.  Unless you wear skinny jeans and Buddy Holly glasses, you’ll probably hate it.

Yesterday my major plan was to stay inside all day and write, work on podcasts and watch the World Cup Final.  Dee then came up with another fantastic idea.  She’s full of them.  She decided that we should walk to Five Guys for some burgers and fries.  Brilliant!  Then she decided that we should also bring Ruthie.  Even brillianter!  The best part of her brilliant idea was that I’m pretty sure the walk completely worked off the calories from those burgers and fries.  In fact, we probably dropped at least three pounds each.  Except for Ruthie.  She had two burgers so she probably gained weight.  Although she did have a Diet Coke, so who knows?

Do you remember Facebook?  Yeah, it still exists and I’m back on it.  More importantly, my theater company, pH, is on Facebook and we are in a contest to win a bunch of money.  If we get enough votes, we could win $20,000 for our company.  It would put us very close to opening our own theater.  All we have to do is be in the top 200 vote getters in the nation.  Right now, we’re still in the top 200 but the voting ends tomorrow and we could really use your vote.  Click here to vote for us right now and then tell your friends to do the same.  The voting ends tonight.  Can you help a neighbor out?

I did a ton of laundry this weekend.  Every single article of my clothing is clean, which means that I’m naked right now.

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  1. Saw Cyrus last week, loved it. It was a good story, well acted, and sincere. Good call!