Monday, August 16, 2010

R.I.P. Space Robbers

Most of you know all about pH Productions, the improv theater company that I helped found, but not everyone knows that I used to perform other places as well.  In fact, from 2003 to 2007 I performed at The Playground with a team called the Space Robbers.  We were created in November of 2003 through the Incubator program at The Playground.  All that means is that we auditioned and they placed us all randomly onto a team.  Often times, these teams are short-lived and they never really find their groove.  Once in a while, something special happens and the team clicks and becomes great.  That’s what happened with Space Robbers.  We became one of the best teams at The Playground and had a blast doing it.

Saturday night, the Space Robbers performed their last show.  I went out to see the remaining members blow everyone away one last time.  I was excited to see what new things they were doing.  I got to the theater a little early and was able to catch up with the team before I took my seat.  Then a surprising thing happened.  Sean Kelley came into the theater and asked me if I wanted to play with the Robbers one last time.  I accepted.  They gave me a quick rundown of their form, we warmed up and then took the stage.  

I won’t say it was like riding a bicycle because it wasn’t.  I was excited but a bit unsure.  I hadn’t played with these guys in over three years.  I hoped that I would be able to jump in and contribute without screwing up their chemistry.  I think I managed that.  We did one long scene as characters from the Bronze Age and we even managed to work in a show within a show bit to tie it all up.

In all, I think it was a great show for the Robbers to finish their run at The Playground.  It had all the elements of a good Robbers’ show: smart historical references, goofy tales of adventure, a Rent-esque song about the Plague and the threat of us all dying in the end.  As I wrote on Twitter after the show: “Space was robbed.  Thoroughly robbed.”

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