Monday, October 18, 2010

Dee Hates Bad Commercials

My wife is a good person but even good people hate things.  Dee holds a special place in her spleen (that’s the opposite of heart right?) for bad commercials.  For several years she declared that she hated all cell phone company commercials.  Joan Cusack was her nemesis.  Every time a cell phone commercial came on she would say, “Why can’t anyone make a good cell phone commercial?  I’m so mad about it!”  Then someone made the commercial where the guy said, “Smart, smart, so smart” and the spell was broken.  Cell phone commercials were suddenly good again.

Don’t worry, she’s found new commercials to hate in their place.  Which ones does she hate now?  Let me show you.

Southwest Airlines
Dee’s assessment: “When did Southwest become so obnoxious?  It’s like they saw the Capital One commercials and said, ‘Hey, let’s do that.”

She isn’t a big fan of this commercial but she especially hates the one with the Southwest employees traipsing around Chicago singing and talking to Chicagoans on the street that started airing this weekend during the Bears game.


Capital One
Dee’s assessment: “They think that they are funny and they are not.  They dress people up in weirdo costumes because they think it’s funny but it’s not.  And they are obnoxious.”

Burger King
Dee’s assessment: “Who is in charge?  Who is the person who said these commercials are appropriate for national television?”


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