Friday, October 08, 2010

The Friday Roundup

This is it.  This is your Friday Roundup.  Get ready for Internetness.

Check This Out
Do you like random, interesting Internet stuff?  I know you do.  That’s why you’re here.  Check out  Every day he posts all sorts of interesting stuff from all around the Internet.  Go there now.  Well, not now.  Wait until you finish this post, then go there.

This Week in Mindsilt
I wrote about my mind’s mind.

It was “Story Night” on Dancing With the Stars and I couldn’t find a story anywhere.

I wrote about how Sun Chips has put our stupidity on display.

Tweet of the Week
From Alec Sulkin:
“Why go to church when you can just follow God on Twitter?”
See it here.

From the Mindsilt Archives
In honor of the upcoming warm weekend, a post about how hot it is.

Image of the Week
A map of online communities.  Click the picture for a larger version.  From

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