Thursday, November 11, 2010

That Honda Commercial

You know that Honda commercial where the kid with the backpack is asked by three other kids if he wants to race home?  I’m sure you do.  It’s all over TV.  Have you ever noticed anything strange about that commercial?  Watch closely.  That kid is not running a fun race with his friends.  Check out the look on his face.  He’s terrified.  Notice that you never see the face or mouth of the kid that “asks” him if he wants to race.  Notice that the kid lets out a huge sigh of relief once he gets safely into the car.

We’re not watching the commercial as originally conceived and shot.

It’s clear to me that those three bigger kids are threatening the kid in the backpack and he’s running for his life.  I have no idea if the commercial ever ran as it was originally shot, but it’s certainly not running that way now.  I understand why Honda changed it.  Bullying is nasty stuff with real consequences.  For every kid that escapes into his mom’s minivan, there are five kids that get caught and beat up.  Do they think we’re stupid?  Do they think we won’t notice the terror on the kid’s face or the macho posturing of the bigger kid that clearly isn’t asking him to race?  Well, we notice.  I did.

We’re not as dumb as we look when we stare slack-jawed into the TV, Honda.  


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