Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

I have a recommendation for you: Go see Black Swan.  It’s fantastic and Natalie Portman is brilliant.

The Midwest laughs a blizzards.  With the exception of inflatable roofed buildings.  Otherwise, we’re all, “MWHAHAHAHA!  We have BOOTS!”

It’s weird as hell to be nervous before a performance.  I haven’t been noticeably nervous before a show in a very, very long time.  However, I’ve never done stand up before.  I was nervous as hell before my set but once I stepped on stage I felt good.

It’s awesome when your wife does all of the Christmas shopping.  I just wish she could shop for her own gift as well.  That’s how much I hate shopping.

I’ve gone from a guy who refuses to take any kind of supplement to someone who has a veritable pharmacy in my desk drawer.  It makes a difference.  I feel better.

Egg nog is delightful.

Even though I’m cackling wildly at the blizzard, I do wish that I could grow a proper beard to help fend off the cold.


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