Monday, January 03, 2011

A Brief Recap of My 2010

It’s already 2011.  I remember 1988 when Notre Dame still had a good football team and I was learning how to use my Social Studies textbook to cover my unexpected boners.  Back then I’d never thought it would be 2011 when my boner would stop getting me into trouble.  Little did I know.  Anyway, stuff happened to me in 2010.  Here’s a recap.

I don’t do a lot of traveling, but I managed to get to a few places in 2010.  Here’s a list of every city I’ve stayed in for at least one night and the reason why.

Chicago, IL — I live here and sleep here most nights.  It would make the list even if I never left my house.

Portage, WI — Dee and opened 2010 in Portage on a ski trip with some friends.  I didn’t actually go skiing because I’m terrible at it and I was way too hungover.

Palo Alto, CA — I went there for work to open a new office.  Twice.  Once in January and once in November.  It almost made me wish I had gone to Stanford.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic — Vacation, bitches.  Sunshine and tropical drinks.  Actually, it was mostly rainy and it got in all our tropical drinks and watered them down. 

South Beloit, IL — Dee and I went to visit some friends.  Secret friends.  I could tell you who they are but I would have to kill you.  You don’t want to make me do that, do you?

Michigan City, IN — Our annual Memorial Day weekend trip to this resort-ish town where we rent a house with friends and enjoy whatever weather Indiana decides to dish out.  This year it was better than the weather in Punta Cana.

Hartford City, IN — We made several trips to my hometown to visit my mom and attend funerals and celebrate Christmas.  We also like to make our way to Upland, IN to enjoy the delicious ice cream treats at Ivanhoe’s.

Cleveland, OH — This year my college buddies decided to visit Cleveland for our annual baseball game.  I’m pushing for Hiroshima in 2011.  Go Carp!

Sandusky, OH — Dee and I made time for a second vacation to Cedar Point and we scared ourselves silly on their roller coasters.  

Indianapolis, IN — Sometimes we visit my brother and his wife because they have a dog that Ruthie actually gets along with.  Kinda.

New York, NY — Another work trip.  Always happy to visit NYC for work or pleasure and sometimes both.

South Bend, IN — Technically, we stayed in Granger but we were there for the Notre Dame-Pitt game so I’ll count it as South Bend.

Dee and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary (and fifth year together) in February.  Believe it or not, she still puts up with me and even encourages me from time to time.

pH won $20,000 in the Chase Giving event on Facebook.  I’m sure I probably asked for your vote several times and annoyed the shit out of you to get the votes we needed.  We got them, so thank you.  That $20,000 will go towards our new theater fund.

I started writing for  At first I was just posting random bits but I eventually began reviewing episodes of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Dancing With the Stars.

The week of Christmas, Dee and I found out that we are going to have a girl.  We got to see her for the first time during the sonogram and she would barely hold still for long enough for the tech to figure out if she was a boy or girl.  Eventually, she settled down and we’ll be welcoming a daughter in May.



  1. Congratulations on the baby girl! I am very happy for you. Now, you too can know the pain of having two females running your life, while contemplating gun ownership and a discussion with the touchy, feely boy in your daughter's preschool class. Seriously though, congrats!

  2. Thanks, Brian! I'm excited yet I'm also sharpening my knives.