Monday, January 31, 2011

Family Construction Projects

Having a baby involves much more construction than I would have expected.  After spending last weekend using several power tools, I again found myself opening up the toolbox and donning my protective safety goggles.  This time it was to assemble the baby furniture.

You can see the end product below:

I managed to put together a crib, changing table and a large dresser.  Fortunately, I had a little help this time.
Put the drawers here!
Ruthie was very helpful with identifying where the drawers needed to go.  She also helped clean up the little pieces of styrofoam by eating them and she aggressively attacked the vacuum cleaner so that it wouldn't clean more than it was supposed to.

Dee was also able to pitch in on this one.  The instructions for the crib weren't included in the box and customer support was closed on Sunday, so she went online -- with a little help from Ruthie -- and helped me find the instruction manual.

We are Internetting!
That's how the Ford Family puts together some baby furniture.  Teamwork!



  1. Look at all the mad daddy skills you are getting with this whole baby thing! Love it! And the nursery looks great. Tell your wife she is glowing with that precious bump!

  2. I am very impressed! I used two hammers, a six pack of beer, and a dictionary of swear words to get our baby furniture together. I think I still ended up having to ask for help (I am so ashamed).