Thursday, January 13, 2011

The New Verizon iPhone

The iPhone is finally coming to Verizon!  The world is saved!  AT&T will finally disappear from the face of the Earth and all will be well in cell phone land!

Not so fast.  This is definitely a big deal but I don’t think it’s as Earth-shattering as people think.  Everyone just assumes that all current iPhone owners will switch from AT&T to Verizon on February 10th and everything will be peachy.  Ain’t gonna happen.  I’ll tell you why.

1) There won’t be that many people whose AT&T contracts will have expired by February 10th and I have a feeling that paying a $300+ termination fee will make people wait.
2) Even if people do want to pay a $300+ termination fee, they’ll also have to pay another $200 for a new iPhone.  Your current AT&T iPhone won’t work on Verizon’s network.
3) A new iPhone will be coming out in June.  Most people will probably wait to upgrade and switch until then.
4) Not everyone uses their iPhone to make phone calls on a consistent basis.  I sure don’t.  Therefore, I don’t have many complaints about AT&T’s service.  In fact, I’ve noticed an improvement over the past couple years in my network coverage and speed.  
4a) AT&T’s network is faster than Verizon’s.  That matters to us data users.
4b) You can’t use voice and data simultaneously on Verizon’s network.  If you’re on a call, you can’t check your email.  If you’re checking your email, your calls will automatically go to voice mail.
5) It’s a pain in the ass to switch.  Some people won’t switch simply because they’re too lazy.

I’m not saying that there won’t be a ton of people that jump on the Verizon iPhone bandwagon, I’m just saying that I don’t think it will be the apocalypse that everyone seems to be predicting.  The reasons above are why I won’t be switching.  I think that this just might be the kick in the butt that AT&T needs to really make some improvements.  Now that they have competition from Verizon they’ll have to improve their network in order to get people to stay or switch back.   Plus, as people switch over to Verizon, the load on the AT&T network will decrease, making everything easier for those who stay.

I’m not saying I’ll never switch, but I’m certainly not switching anytime soon.



  1. What do you suggest for us Verizon customers?

  2. Go for it. If you're already on Verizon and you want an iPhone, do it. Though, check to make sure they won't charge you a termination fee or anything.

  3. I disagree with Jeff in going for it. If I were you, I would wait 6 months or so to get a new phone, either Iphone or Android. Verizon is rolling out their LTE 4g which is by far the fastest phone network that will be available for the next couple of years. The Android LTE phones look really good, but if you want an Iphone, wait until the next version that will be LTE enabled.

  4. Yep, Eric is right. At the very least wait until June for the new iPhone to come out.

    Plus, both Verizon and AT&T are rolling out LTE networks. Any LTE phone should be able to work on both.