Monday, February 14, 2011

My Review of the Grammys

Let’s see.  How should I describe this year’s Grammys?  I think I’ll try bullet point form.

  • Man, isn’t Lady Gaga crazy?  That crazy thing she did/wore was crazy.
  • Everyone cheers wildly for lazy, over-produced pop music performances.
  • The lights/effects are better than the music.
  • Bieber looks way cockier than he has reason to and wears sneakers two sizes too big.
  • Everyone wonders why Kim Kardashian is there.
  • They give out a bunch of awards for songs/bands/performers I hate.

Does that seem about right?  You see, I don’t watch the Grammys and I didn’t last night.  They basically gather up the worst music they can find and pack it into a three hour show.  Is it three hours?  More?  I don’t care.  Too long, anyway.  People don’t get Grammys for creating good music, just popular music.

I sat in my room and read a book.  It was awesome.

Also, Happy Valentine's Day, jerks.


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