Friday, March 25, 2011

The Friday Roundup

For you, it’s Friday.  For me, it’s Thursday night and my dog is staring at me with a ball in her mouth and I’m ignoring her.  These are the kind of things I sacrifice for your weekly dose of random shit.

This Week in Mindsilt
My review of the premiere of Dancing With the Stars.  Complete with very few stars at all.  

I squared up on my predictions from 2010.  Spoiler alert: I pretty much nailed it. 

Tweet of the Week
From Rob Delaney
Don’t shit where you eat. Unless you’re a starfish, whose mouth is also an anus. In that case, freak out, little monster.
See it here

From the Mindsilt Archive
25 reasons why I love my wife.  Yeah, shit just got real.

Video of the Week
Alex Trebek calls the highlights to the Stanford-Oregon game.  Awesome.


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