Friday, June 10, 2011

The Kitty Dilemma

I took this photo on Wednesday morning while I was on my way to the train.  If you look closely, you can see that there is a cat sitting on the ledge of that third story window.  When I noticed it sitting there, my first thought was, "Hey, look.  A cat."  My next thought was, "He seems to be stuck on that ledge."  He was mewing loudly and pacing back and forth.  In this particular photo, he seems to be contemplating a three story jump to the ground -- or possibly an even riskier one story jump onto the ledge or sign below.

I thought briefly about trying to help the cat.  But what could I do?  Ask the thing to leap down into my waiting arms?  First, I don't know the cat command for "jump, I've got you."  Second, I was dressed for work and I was wearing a shirt that I particularly liked that day.  I don't need flailing cat claws and teeth tearing my shirt to shreds.  Plus, what would I do once I caught the cat?  It was 6:30 AM.  I wasn't going to shout up to try to wake the owners and the rest of the neighborhood.  Could I just dump the cat in the building's courtyard and hope it didn't get out before the owners found it?  Besides, can a cat really be owned?

I thought about all of these things and I might have thought of more but capitalism was calling.  I mean, how is this economy supposed to recover if I'm not spurring it along with my substantial project management skills?  I needed to get to work.  The cat was going to have to figure this on out on his own.

But I did do one thing before I walked away.  I took this picture and posted it on the Internet.


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