Friday, July 01, 2011

The Friday Roundup

The Friday Roundup is back.  I’m sure you missed it.

Thank you to everyone who offered support after yesterday’s post.  Don’t worry too much about us.  We’re actually doing pretty well and I’m sure that what we are going through is nothing extraordinary when it comes to parenting challenges.

This Week in Mindsilt
I managed to churn out some Random Thoughts

I convinced you to join Twitter.  Why haven’t you joined Twitter yet? 

Having a baby isn’t all rainbows and sunshine

Tweet of the Week
From Alec Sulkin
Real Housewife Vicki is huge! She’s like O.C. Umenyiora
See it here

From the Mindsilt Archives
My train’s safety posters had been cleverly vandalized

Video of the Week
Splitscreen love story.

Splitscreen: A Love Story from JW Griffiths on Vimeo.

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