Thursday, July 07, 2011

Things I've Learned

Here are some things I learned after last week’s post about having a baby:

1) Dee and I have some pretty great friends.  The reaction and support we got from everyone who read that post was amazing.  We are fortunate to have such good people around us.

2) We’re going to be just fine.  I knew this before that post, but the responses just confirmed it.  

3) Everyone should have a chance to share their story.  People don’t want to weigh other people down with their troubles and they don’t want to seem like the parent that isn’t grateful to have children.  If you tell me your story, I’ll listen (or read) and feel the pain with you.  I know we all know we’re not alone, but it’s important that we confirm that we are not alone.

4) I may have given the wrong impression.  Dee and I have our struggles but our little girl is definitely not a very challenging baby.  All babies are a challenge and I think that we’ve got it pretty good.  My main point was that the delivery and recovery was pretty damn hard on Dee physically.  It was hard for me to see her like that.

5) It does get better.  In the week since I posted about our struggles, our little girl has started sleeping for much longer stretches through the night.  She’s also smiling and laughing and doing all sorts of other wonderful things — like organizing our tax receipts.

Thanks, everyone.


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