Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm an Expert on Tea

I recently signed up up  It's a website that scours your social media sites (like Twitter and Facebook) and attempts to tell you how influential you are on the Internet.  It assigns you a score and tells you what kind of social media user you are.  Normally, I'd never sign up for something like this but there was a free Spotify invite available so I did.  I got my meaningless score and decided to check on which topics Klout thought I was influential.  This is what I saw:

Hmmm.  Chicago Cubs are at the top of the list?  Really?  I don't even like baseball.  The only time I tweet about the Cubs is when I'm complaining about all the stupid Cubs fans mucking up my train ride home.

Barack Obama?  Maybe.  I've made a few jokes about him, but I'm pretty sure people aren't looking to me on what to think about the President.  There are plenty of other assholes more than willing to tell you what to think about him.

Tea.  Now we're finally making some sense.  I mean anyone that knows me knows that I love tea.  I get so many comments on this blog that read, "We know you love tea, but please post about something else every once in a while."  The title of this blog comes from my favorite tea.  I bet you didn't know that.  I can't get enough tea.  I love it so much I cook that shit up and inject it directly into my veins.  Tea, tea, tea.


This was the point where I stopped reading.  Klout is clearly full of shit and only exists to give people free Spotify invites.  I put absolutely no stock in it at all.

Don't forget to retweet me whenever you get the chance.  Especially my tweets about tea.

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