Monday, September 12, 2011

The Pain of Football

Thank God it's finally football season.  Fuck me it's finally football season.  

I think you know what I mean.  In case you missed it, the Fighting Irish lost to Michigan 35-31 on a last second miracle touchdown after leading 24-7 at the beginning of the fourth quarter.  The very next day, the Peyton Manning-less Colts got whipped 34-7 by the Houston Texans.  A bad football weekend for me.  Heartbreaking, even.

Have you ever been dumped before?  I mean really dumped.  You were in love and you thought that maybe this person was "the one."  Suddenly, he or she shows up and says, "It's over."  Your world crumbles around you, you drink more than you should and you are just broken.  It takes you months to recover and you wonder if you will ever love again.  

Time passes.  The hurt has slowly faded until it's barely perceptible, but the memory of it is still there.  You start testing the waters and trying to get back into the game.  You slowly begin to realize that you learned more about yourself from the breakup than you had while you were with your partner.  In fact, you now understand that the only reason you felt such terrible pain was because you also experienced such fantastic joy when you were with that person.  You've come away with the knowledge that in a relationship you can only experience joy if you are willing to allow yourself to experience the same amount of pain.  You've experienced that pain and you survived, so you decide to let go.  You know what happens?  You find something awesome.  You find someone that makes you happier than anyone ever has before, but you know deep down that this person can also hurt you more than anyone ever has before.  But you're okay with that.  You know you'll survive and you know the power of your potential happiness is worth way more than a few months of pain.  

You know that feeling?  Yeah.  That's why I'll take that horrible feeling I have from Saturday night through right now.  Notre Dame's loss was brutal.  I can't really imagine a much tougher way to lose a football game.  It honestly effected my mood, but I know that the hurt I felt will be eclipsed by the joy that I feel when this team finally puts it all together.  Maybe not this year, but sometime they'll put it together and when they do it will be awesome.

The Colts?  Well, they’re fucked.  At least I got to celebrate a Super Bowl.


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