Monday, November 07, 2011

Weekend Football Thoughts and Other Things

Was it just me or did everyone — including the announcers and players — seem to be sleepwalking through the afternoon games in anticipation of the Notre Dame-Wake Forest Alabama-LSU game in the evening?

Goddamnit, ESPN/ABC.  Why did you have to move the Notre Dame game to start at exactly the same time as the Alabama-LSU game?  I’m not like most guys.  I’m terrible at flipping back and forth between games.

Speaking of using the remote, why do we still have to mute the fucking commercials that SHOUT AT YOU AND MAKE YOUR EARS BLEED?  Don't these people realize they are doing themselves a disservice?  Loud commercials get muted thereby destroying their effectiveness.

Eric from the AT&T taco party commercial definitely creeps me out.  Also, never throw a taco party in your office but if you do don't invite Eric and only send out weird cell phone invites.

I bet there are a lot of young ladies on campus who would like to have sexual intercourse with their team's quarterback.  I could be completely wrong, though.

Alabama may still come out on top in this whole thing.  Unless LSU completely shits the bed, ‘Bama just saved themselves from playing in the SEC Championship game.  If ‘Bama wins out (and they should with Mississippi State, Georgia Southern and Auburn remaining) and LSU loses their regular season finale to Arkansas and then loses again in the SEC Championship game, Alabama should rise to at least #2 and end up in the National Championship game.  

The only reason to play the ND-Wake game in prime time is so that the ND fans don't have as much time to whine about a disappointing performance before their bedtime.

What is the deal with baton twirlers?  Why does every school in the South each have about 72?  It’s hard to believe that there are kids who still want to learn how to do this.  Don’t they have the Internet in the South?  

Am I the only person who thinks baton twirling feels vaguely racist?

If Peyton Manning never plays again, the Colts will just promote him to Head Coach, right?

The Colts only hope of stopping anyone may be to open the roof and side windows of Lucas Oil Field for the rest of their home games.

Children do not respect Daylight Savings Time.  Not at all.

By the way, Notre Dame beat Wake Forest 24-17.  It was ugly but a win is a win.  Alabama-LSU proved that you don’t need to win with style.

Oklahoma State beat Kansas State 52-45 in regulation.  C’mon, someone couldn’t kick just one more field goal to make it an even 100?

We should probably start working on Tim Tebow’s MVP campaign.  

Neither Chiefs fans nor Dolphins fans are happy about Miami’s victory.  Chiefs fans are embarrassed their team lost to the Dolphins and the Dolphins fans are pissed their team has fallen behind the Colts in the race for the #1 draft pick.

Thought that hasn’t occurred to me during the past week: “Man, I sure do wish I could watch some NBA basketball.”

Thought that has occurred to me during the past week: “Hey, they’re not playing baseball anymore.  I bet someone won a World Series.  I wonder if that city’s fans rioted?”

Marvin Lewis is the master at being just good enough to keep his job.  However, they haven’t yet played the Steelers or the Ravens this season.

The 49ers have more wins than every other team in their division combined.

Steelers fans should never again be allowed to complain about the refs after Super Bowl XL.  Seattle fans know what I’m talking about.

The new Assassin’s Creed game is coming out next week. Does anyone want to come babysit Scarlett while I spend hours and hours playing a video game?


  1. I could not believe that the afternoon game on Fox was Cardinals v. Rams! I finally get to sit down on a Sunday afternoon, and all I get is that shitstorm! Would it be possible for both teams to get the loss?

  2. That sucks. That's one of the reasons I have NFL Sunday Ticket. I can watch any game I want. The afternoon Fox game was Packers at Chargers in Chicago but there are too many times when those games are complete stinkers.