Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Football Thoughts and Other Things

Notre Dame destroyed Maryland 45-21.  Maryland played as badly as their uniforms looked.  Notre Dame played much better than their uniforms looked.  Finally, the only thing worth complaining about is what the team was wearing.

Once again, the Notre Dame game was played at the same time as the premiere matchup of the day, Oregon at Stanford.  This time it wasn’t ESPN’s fault, the blame falls on NBC for scheduling a night game.  

Dee arrived home after a day of visiting the family and asked me, “Did the Colts play today?”  I replied, “Well.  They took the field.”

The worst part about the Colts game is that the Jaguars couldn’t bother to put the Colts away until four minutes remained in the fourth quarter.  Yeah, I kept watching until four minutes remained in the fourth quarter.  Don’t ask me why.

That was Jacksonville’s third win?  Amazing.  That team is awful.  Not as bad as the Colts, though.
If you’re going to make dinner for guests sometime in the future it’s always good to do a test run first in case you, I don’t know, fill the house full of smoke.

Penn State did the right thing by firing Joe Paterno.  Paterno has proven that his judgement can no longer be trusted.  In 2002 he failed to stop a child molester.  In 2011 he repeatedly showed poor judgement by refusing to acknowledge the gravity of the situation.  He should have immediately stepped down citing his unwillingness to act.  He should have told the students rallying on his lawn to go home and do something good for humanity.  He should have condemned the protests and “riots” over his firing.  He did none of these and instead basked in the cheers of the misguided students.  Allowing this man to coach on Saturday would have meant that the University endorsed these actions.  You can’t entrust the care of other peoples’ children to a man who has lost his ability to make good judgements.  

Besides, when was the last time he actually coached a football team?  It certainly wasn’t for win number 409 where he sat alone in the press box with no headset and spoke to no one the entire game.

On the same note and a totally different note all at once, this is a great article about how my parents’ generation has failed us. 

If my child ever has to write a check we have failed as a society.

So Philadelphia lost to Arizona.  What’s next?  Mike Vick doing something stupid and going back to jail?  If this keeps going, the Colts could end up with Andrew Luck and Andy Reid.

Tony Romo is going to play well enough down the stretch to continue to be the Cowboys’ starting quarterback, thereby guaranteeing that they’ll never, ever win a Super Bowl.

The Ravens three loses have come against Tennessee, Jacksonville and Seattle.  Remember when teams like that were lucky to get a first down against the Ravens?  Those days are gone.

Jim Schwartz is bad at his job.  He kicked the ball to Devin Hester three times.  Three times!  Who is that stupid?  Jim Schwartz, that’s who.

I can only hope there are other coaches dumb enough to keep kicking the ball to Devin Hester.  Easily the most exciting player in football.  I love that the home crowd clearly expects him to score a touchdown every time he returns a kick.

If anyone besides the Packers win the Super Bowl this year it will be a miracle.

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