Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Football Thoughts and Other Things

Some thoughts on Notre Dame-Stanford and the Notre Dame season in general:
The Irish finished their season by losing to Stanford 28-14.  Even though Andrew Luck gave them the gift of a bad interception and a short field, they squandered it by not putting any points on the board.  Pretty typical of this season for the Irish.

Notre Dame finished 8-4.  That’s one game better than last year’s 7-5.  Of course, everyone was expecting 10-2 so a good portion of the fan base is pissed and they’re already calling for Brian Kelly’s job.  Me?  I think it’s a little early to fire the guy, but today’s society isn’t exactly known for its patience.  Plus, 15+ years of bad to mediocre football doesn’t get solved in two seasons.  

For the first time since I graduated we have a defensive line that can change a game.  They’re very young which means they make some mistakes but they’re also very young so they’ll have lots of time to get even better.

Until the center Braxton Cave got hurt our offensive line was doing a fantastic job.  They had a six game streak where they didn’t give up a sack.  Once Cave got hurt the line struggled and the offense struggled with them.  

If you’re trying to re-create a winning program that’s been pretty mediocre for nearly 20 years, vastly improving the offensive and defensive line play is a great place to start.

A large portion of the Notre Dame fan base thinks Dayne Crist should have been starting at quarterback instead of Tommy Rees.  Personally, I preferred Tommy.  With Dayne I spent way too much time screaming, “Make a decision!”

Andrew Hendrix sure was fun to watch.  I have a feeling we’ll see a lot of him in the bowl game.

Speaking of the bowl game, I sure do hope our backup center, Mike Golic, Jr., gets a whole lot better.  The opposing team is going to send everyone they’ve got right at him whenever they need a big play.

The early rumors are that Notre Dame will be playing Florida State in the Champs Sports Bowl.  That seems about right.

How about them Colts?  They waited until the very end of the game before they decided to lose.  Usually they wrap it up some time in the second quarter.

It’s clear that God doesn’t give a damn about football unless Tim Tebow is playing.

Also, God doesn’t exist.

If the Bears had a real wide receiver they’d be scary.  With a healthy Jay Cutler, that is.

Is anyone else disappointed that the NBA finally came to an agreement?  I was totally looking forward to not missing the NBA at all.

I’ll tell you who is disappointed: The NHL.

The only thing that might keep my Andrew Luck/Andy Reid dream from happening for the Colts is that their crazy owner may not fire Jim Caldwell even if he loses every single game.

Didn’t it seem like Andy Reid was asking to be fired during his postgame press conference?

No surprise, but people who watch Fox News know less about what’s going on in the world than the people who watch no news at all

Remember Barry Sanders?  The most exciting player of my lifetime.  Sorry, Bears fans.  Devin Hester doesn’t touch the ball enough.

Who is going to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl?  The Patriots?  Ravens?  Steelers?  Does anyone really think that any of those teams can beat the Packers?

I went into a gas station in Indiana and saw two old men sitting at tables by the window smoking cigarettes.  Indoors!  It was like I time-warped back to 2001 or something.

If the NFL season ended right now, I would be sad.

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