Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Football Thoughts and Other Things

Bears-Broncos: Who likes punting?!

Do Tebow fans have a clever/slightly religious nickname yet?  If not, I nominate Tebowtees.  You know, like devotees.  You're welcome, Internets.

Why does Fox insist on putting Tony Siragusa on the sidelines when he chimes in like he's in the booth?  Is he too fat to climb the stairs?

Even the God-fearing Tony Dungy said, "This isn't about Tim Tebow winning this game.  It's about the Bears losing the game."  Aside from the folks at Deadspin, this is the first reasonable thing I've heard the media say about Tebow in the last three weeks.

By the way, I think this Tebow winning streak is hilarious.  It should come to an end next week agains the Patriots but if it doesn't, they'll win the last two as well.  The Broncos defense and running game is too good to lose to the Bills and Chiefs.

Andrew Luck wore a Johnny Unitas Colts jersey to an award ceremony this past week.  Folks should probably get used to him in those colors.

I did not watch the Army-Navy game this weekend for three reasons: 1) I hate America. 2) I like when teams pass. 3) I was busy catching up on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The League.

I officially quit The Office.  It's been terrible this season.

Parks & Rec has been fantastic, however.  Consistently hilarious.

I'm also sad that they're putting Community "on the shelf."  All my favorite shows get cancelled.

It's the Rams and the Seahawks on Monday Night Football.  ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!

Robert Griffin III has done more for the novelty sock industry than any other famous figure in history.  He's also pretty good at football.

We all knew that the Cowboys were going to miss that second kick after the timeout, right?  That game couldn't finish any other way after last week.  I say we make it three in a row next week.

I didn't watch the game, but how in the fuck did Jacksonville score 41 points?

When the Falcons got down big to the Panthers, they decided to run the ball instead of panicking and going into comeback mode.  What happened?  They came back and won the game.  There's a lesson here somewhere but I'm to lazy to figure it out.

Green Bay will eat your children if they are in the way of their quest for the Super Bowl.

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