Monday, December 05, 2011

Weekend Football Thoughts and Other Things

Tennis has the whole line tracker thing, why can't the NFL and college adopt or adapt the technology for goal line situations?  Or invent their own technology? At the very least, we should have mandatory goal line cameras. 

Good news!  Notre Dame didn't lose this weekend. 

I didn't watch much of the Colts game.  I gave up when it was 31-3. How did the Colts score 24?  Seriously. I didn't think they were capable of scoring that many points in three weeks. 

BCS thoughts. 

As I'm writing this, another Detroit Lion just got flagged for smacking a guy in the head after the whistle. Is there any doubt that Jim Schwartz is teaching this?  Why is Collinsworth surprised?  He should be calling out the coaches. 

By the end of the game, there were at least three more unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and yet Collinsworth never called out the coaches for having out of control players.

First Jay Cutler's thumb and now Matt Forte's knee?  The Bears season just went from playoffs to, you know, not the playoffs. 

That HTC phone commercial where New York buildings are blowing up while the dude walks by unscathed, not only makes zero sense but is pretty insensitive to those who lost loved ones when real buildings in New York blew up. 

Tight Ends are always a major mismatch for defenses. Why hasn't anyone started playing these exact types on defense to cover them?

I hear the new Muppet movie is fantastic.  I'll probably wait for the DVD.  Then I'll wait even longer because I won't realize it's gone to DVD and one night Dee and I will rent it on iTunes and fall asleep watching it.  So it goes with a baby.

Gotta love the Cowboys icing their own kicker.  Especially since he made the field goal.  I'm shocked Jerry Jones didn't fire Jason Garrett on the spot.

The Fighting Tebows just keep winning and John Elway and John Fox just keep crying themselves to sleep.

Now that the Bears have zero talented offensive starters, expect more of the same next week when the Broncos face the Bears.

The Colts at 0-12 have only scored 174 points all season.  That's 14.5 a game.  Believe it or not, but three teams have scored fewer points than the Colts.  The Chiefs (163), the Rams (140) and the Jaguars (138).  Granted, the Jags have played one fewer game than the Colts but it still averages out to 12.5 points per game.  That's some real bad offense.

I'm glad that everyone has finally stopped talking about how tough the NFC East is.

The 49ers and the Packers have already won their divisions.  Thankfully, the 49ers are going to push the Packers to keep winning in order to gain home field advantage in the playoffs.

Also, it's going to be a short drive to Indianapolis for all those Packers fans who go to the Super Bowl.

Is the best team in the AFC the Patriots again?  Is it?  The Steelers?  What a mess.

People are upset about the Alabama-LSU rematch in the National Championship game and say that we need a playoff.  Here's my question: If we had a four team playoff and Alabama and LSU still ended up in the National Championship game would everyone suddenly be okay with that?  If so, why?  Because they each won an extra game?

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