Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Football Thoughts and Other Things

Well, the Patriots failed.  Tim Tebow is still alive which means we’ll have to keep hearing about him.  Here’s what I hope happens with Tim Tebow:
He improves and becomes a mediocre quarterback that plays for a mediocre team that sometimes makes the playoffs and sometimes doesn’t and he slowly fades into the muddle of mediocre quarterbacks in the NFL and we all stop making a big deal out of him.  Or I want him to abruptly quit the NFL and go to live in some third world country to heal people with his bare hands.

It feels really weird to be watching the 49ers as an underdog.  Especially since I grew up with the Joe Montana era 49ers.

It was a really bad time for the Packers to play their worst game of the season — and they still had a shot to win that game.

If Matt Schaub was healthy would we be talking about how dangerous the Texans are right now?  The Texans only lost to the Ravens by seven.  Good quarterback play would have won that game for the Texans.

If we end up with a Pats-Giants Super Bowl does anyone think that Belichick won’t try to hang 100 on the Giants?

If we end up with a Pats-Giants Super Bowl does anyone think that ESPN won’t be shitting all over themselves about how great the game is going to be?  Maybe they won’t hit Yankees-Red Sox regular season series level hype, but it will be close.

If we end up with a Ravens-49ers Super Bowl will anyone mention that a mediocre quarterback can win a Super Bowl with a great defense wether they have deep faith in a god or not?

If we end up with a Ravens-Giants Super Bowl will Ray Lewis stab someone?

I guess this one was all football and no other things.  Whoops.

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