Monday, April 23, 2012

The Week Off

Good readers of Mindsilt, I'm off work all this week.  What does that mean for you?  So far, it means that I'm going to post at least one more time than I did last week.  I can't promise I'll post more because I've got shit to do.  In fact, I'm doing shit right now by writing this post.  Maybe I'll do more shit like this.  Who knows?  I do intend to write but I can't promise it will be for  What else am I doing on my week off, you ask?  Good question.

Today, I'm getting a massage because my shoulders and neck are a freaking mess.  Also, because massages are awesome.  Tomorrow, I'll be going to the dentist because my gums need a good massage, too.  Wednesday I'll be assisting a dance troupe with a comedic dance.  You know, because I'm a comedy expert and a fantastic dancer.  Also, my comedy chops need massaging.  Thursday, I'll be hoping that the carpenter will be coming to fix our bathroom wall.  I was massaging the wall and I pushed a little too hard.  Now we have a huge crater in the wall.  The wall knot is gone, though, so our bathroom is feeling much better.  Friday, I'll be plopping my ass back up on stage to host my favorite show, pHrenzy.  It's been a while, so it's good that I'm spending the week working out all the kinks.  You should come see the show.  Get your tickets here

How's that for a week off?

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