Thursday, May 31, 2012



That's not a word.  It's a sound.  It's a sound made into a word.  That's how I wanted to start today's post.  With a sound.  Pachunk.  I really hope it sets the tone because it’s the kind of tone I want to set for today's post.  Pachunk.  I think you get it.  It just kinda sums up what it feels like to write this today.  

Do I have to explain it?  

I think so.  It's not a negative thing.  Pachunk is not a bad sound.  It's a very businesslike sound.  It’s pleasing.  There's a bit of finality.  It's the sound of locking something down.  It’s like you just finished counting all of the money in your personal vault and you've got a little more than you originally thought but not so much more that you're alarmed by your inability to properly calculate your wealth, so you walk out pleased.  You’re pleased because you counted out more money than you expected, sure.  You’re mostly pleased you have a personal vault in which you keep all of your cash and you can go in and count it whenever you want.  You’re also pleased because during the several hours you spent counting the money in your personal vault you earned at least another 2% of the total you just counted that you’ll be able to add to the cash in the vault.  When you're that wealthy, 2% is a significant number.  A pleasing number.  

Anyway, you walk out of your personal vault and you close the door.  That's not what makes the pachunk sound.  The door closing is more of a woosh-bong kind of sound.  It’s also a nice sound but not the sound I’m looking for in the tone of this post.  Once the door is closed you have to lock it down.  There are several ways you can do this.  You can have the old fashioned spoked wheel or a large lever or an oversized combination lock.  Personally, I would choose a retinal scan with some kind of manual override in case I die and my family forgets to pluck my eyeballs from my corpse.  I would understand if they forgot.  My death has most likely upset them greatly.  I’m sure ripping out my eyeballs isn’t at the top of their list of things to do before they shove me into the fiery oven. 

Anyway, it’s the locking that makes the pachunk sound.  It's a signal that you're done and that everything behind that door is safe and sealed away.  You're rich and you've just finished tallying the cash that you can afford to have sit in a vault not earning anything.  You've got loads of other money working for you in other places.  This pile of cash is just gravy.  You are pleased.  Quite pleased.


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  1. Pachunk also kind of sounds like pay check, which is appealing. It also makes me think of that old saying, "ba donk a donk," which makes me laugh.