Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Things In My Brain

Every Monday I walk into the bedroom to see Dee sitting on the bed watching Dancing With the Stars and I remember that I never have to watch one second of that show again. It's the closest I'll ever get to pure happiness.

Look, I like that Verizon commercial with the crying mom and daughter but not when it is run during every single commercial break during the NFL Draft.

Speaking of the draft...
Who knew the Vikings were clever enough to completely pants another team? Oh wait. It was the Browns. I guess it's not that impressive after all.

Other than Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, name one player on the Colts defense who could start for any other team in the league. You can't because there isn't one. And yet, the Colts didn't pick a defensive player until the fifth round and that player just had his ACL repaired. I get that they want to give Andrew Luck some weapons but it seems to me that the best way to help an inexperienced QB is to build a strong defense so he doesn't feel the pressure to score every time he has the ball.

My prediction for the Colts' record next season: 4-12. I'm being generous.

Guys, let's get a handle on the "Reply All" button. Everyone doesn't need to see all of your responses. That's what Twitter is for.

Why do TV shows even bother to have the main character threaten to stop doing the thing that makes him the main character and is the basis for every plot on the show? We all know he or she is not going to stop. It's the oldest and laziest trick in the book. C'mon TV writers, step it up.

Is it a coincidence that pH threw our Zombie Pub Crawl this weekend and Castle does a zombie themed episode that includes a zombie walk the very next Monday? I don't think so. They are clearly ripping us off.

Yeah, yeah, I'm watching Castle. I'm a sucker for cop shows.

Also, I'm kinda hoping Nathan Fillian will suddenly turn into Captain Hammer and break into song with Neil Patrick Harris.

Saturday night, someone introduced me as "my acting coach." That was weird, but I'm totally adding it to my LinkedIn page.

Dee and I went house hunting on Sunday. I took notes on each house. For one of the houses we saw, I simply wrote, "Gross."

You and your wife can have all the kids you want but my wife will out-mom your wife any day of the week and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise.

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  1. In my family, the "Reply All" button is proof that you love the individual more than anyone who would only "Reply". The real battle is to be the first to reply all!
    Speaking of battles, I would pit my wife against yours in the MMA octagon of motherhood any day of the week and twice on Sunday. No offense to Dee,she is an amazing wife and mother. But come on, my wife reads books and goes to conferences to "professionalize" motherhood. We have organized family time to do crafts, play games, and talk about our love. Last night, I was making handprint flowers for a May Day present to our 75yo neighbor. (If I had a dueling glove, I would be smacking you across the face right now!)
    Also, I hear you have a walker on your hands! Congrats! Before you know it she will be asking for the keys to the car!