Monday, June 04, 2012

iPhone Feature Requests

I like my iPhone.  It does all sorts of cool things and I use it non-stop.  However, it could still improve and Apple knows it.  In fact, they’re working on the new iPhone right now.  The Internet tells me we won’t see a new iPhone until sometime this fall, which means Apple will have plenty of time to implement my suggestions.  What are my suggestions?  Keep reading.

A Smart Lock Screen
Most of you probably haven’t set your iPhone to prompt you for a passcode when you unlock your phone, but I have.  I’ve got all sorts of super-important information on my phone that I don’t want anyone else to access.  Plus, there’s all those sexting photos.  Anyway, the passcode can be a pain in the ass and there are a couple ways Apple could make the whole experience better.

First, they could make the passcode location aware.  If I’m at home, it should never ask me for the passcode.  I’m not worried about the people in my home accessing the info on my phone.  They should also offer alternative methods for unlocking the phone.  I should be able to unlock the phone just by looking at it.  It should unlock when the front-facing camera recognizes my face.  Finally, it should lock itself when I swipe my hand in front of it.  The proximity sensors should be able to recognize a directional swipe as a signal to lock the phone.

Oh, yeah.  I should also be able to put useful information on the lock screen.  I should be able to see how many emails I have, the weather and anything else I’d like to know by simply activating the screen without unlocking the phone.

Better Use of the Proximity Sensors
I’d like to silence my phone by simply placing it face down.  Now, I realize this may cause some issues when it is in my pocket, but I’m sure someone can figure out how to combine the info from the proximity sensors and the accelerometer to determine if it is resting face down on a flat surface or if it’s in a pocket.  I don’t have the newest iPhone and therefore I don’t have Siri but I feel like the proximity sensor would be a great way to activate Siri if that doesn’t happen already.  Also, see the section above for suggestion on how to activate the lock screen.

Better App Management
I have nearly 120 apps on my phone.  Apple’s current folder solution just ain’t cutting it.  It takes way too many swipes and taps to get to the apps I use.  I don’t know what the solution is but iOS needs a pretty major makeover.  Or I just need to be able to tell Siri to open the app I want.

Better Front-facing Camera
The camera on the back of the phone takes great photos and video.  The camera on the front should do the same.  It’s hard to take pictures or video of yourself with the rear camera and the quality of the front-facing camera is awful.  Fix it.

Better Notifications
Sure, they updated the notifications with the last iOS update but it’s not good enough.  The Notification Center is pretty useless and I can’t tell you how annoying the notification banners are when you’re using an app with buttons on the top of the screen.  Again, I don’t know the solution but there has to be a better way.

Don’t Change the Size
The iPhone is currently the perfect size.  I don’t want it to get bigger.  I don’t want or need a bigger screen.  I have a laptop and an iPad.  The last thing I want is a phone the size of a dessert plate in my pocket.  I like to sit down without snapping my phone in half.  Apple, don’t give in to the current trend of making a phone that can’t decide if it wants to be a tablet or not.

Get on it, Apple.  I have a phone that needs some updating.

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