Monday, August 06, 2012

Stupid Tweets

This probably makes me a bad person but the first thing I thought when I read this tweet was, "When you achieve your dreams at 17, what else do you have to live for?" Also, I know she's just 17 and I should probably be cutting her some slack but shouldn't she have included something in the tweet about working hard to fulfill those dreams?  She didn't just dream about being a good swimmer and suddenly wake up and win four gold medals at the Olympics.  She also worked her ass off.  Sure, she's gifted genetically but so is everyone else at the Olympics.  It's the hard work that makes the difference between a gold medal and just showing up.

Okay, I'll stop picking on America's sweetheart and move to picking on America's favorite empty shell.
Or you could be born into a wealthy family, befriend another vapid rich kid, make a sex tape with a moderately famous rapper and leverage that into a crappy reality show that gives kids the impression that you don't actually have to work for anything in your life if you are beautiful.  But keep telling yourself that you're seeking God.  That seems to be working for you.

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