Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This Week's Bachelorette Review

Episode four of The Bachelorette appeared on Monday, I presume. I haven't even bothered to check my DVR to see if it recorded it. You see, I needed to attend a going away party for an old friend. Interactions with real humans took precedent over making fun of bad actors pretending to fall in love. I had every intention of watching it last night and posting the review this morning but I fell asleep on the couch and Game 6 of the NBA Finals was on. So yeah, better things to do.

In case you are really jonesing for some of my top-notch zingers, I'll give you a few based on what I'm guessing happened on the show:

Look out! Ben's doing something evil! Quick, break out the "not here for the right reasons" queue cards!

Oh, big, dumb Bryden.

Mikey likes it!

I'm really concerned about Desiree's tonsils. Her teeth seem to be slowly sneaking back to bite them out.

Ha HA! Poor choice of dresses!

Everything should be back to normal next week.

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