Tuesday, September 24, 2013


215 is probably the most fun number. Right? I mean look at it. It's having a lot of fun. That two at the front is all like, "Here I come everyone! I'm gettin' this thing started! I've got an attractive curve but a solid base on which to stand. I'm ready for fun, and built to last!" Then the five at the end is all, "Check it out, y'all. I'm bringing up the caboose! I'm keeping things locked down and rolling over here. There ain't gonna be no trailing off with this number, there is a definite end to this bad boy. Sure, I may be a little wobbly on my curve, but that's what makes me fun! PARTAY!" The one in the middle is all, "Look, I'm here to make sure these two enjoy themselves and bring some life to the party and I'm going to have some fun myself but I'm also not going to get too wasted because I have to make sure these two get home safely. I mean, I'm not too worried about it. These two manage to have a real good time and still find their way home but someone has to be the level-headed one here." See? It's a pretty freaking fun number. The kind of fun you'll always remember but will never land you in jail. I'd have 215 at my party any day.

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