Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dead Baby Rabbits

You know how sometimes when you live in the 'burbs you find dead baby rabbits in your yard? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. So there was this dead baby rabbit in my yard but I didn't see it. You know, because baby rabbits are tiny and it wasn't hopping around and drawing attention to itself because it was dead. Guess who found it? You know it. My dog, Ruthie. So Ruthie finds this dead baby rabbit and instead of alerting us so that we can clean it up she decides to taste it. You know, because she's obviously hungry because her special non-allergenic, super expensive dog food apparently isn't enough for her. So I run out to see what she's up to and I have to be all, "No, Ruthie. We don't eat dead baby rabbits in this house unless they've been approved by the FDA." Ruthie looks at me like, "BUT THIS COULD BE MY LAST MEAL." Then she pooped. So I had to clean up poop AND a dead baby rabbit. The 'burbs are the tops.

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