Thursday, September 26, 2013

On Breaking Bad

A couple years ago Dee and I decided to get in on this whole Breaking Bad television program we'd heard about. We binge-watched the first three seasons and have watched seasons four and five as they have aired. On Sunday, Breaking Bad comes to an end. Below are my thoughts. There will probably be spoilers.

1) Before this week's show Dee turned to me and said, "I'm nervous about Breaking Bad." She's never said this to me about any other show. Not even So You Think You Can Dance. That's how intense this show is.

2) I think Walt will attempt one last heroic act prior to ending his life. He'll try to save his family and possibly Jesse.

3) No matter how badly Jesse wants to die at this point they're not going to let him.

4) New Hampshire is the Granite State. The penultimate episode was called "The Granite State." New Hampshire's state motto is "Live Free or Die." The first episode of this second half of the season was called "Live Free or Die." Which means we probably should have seen the New Hampshire thing coming. We also should expect Walt to either live free or die. I'm betting on die. Living free is not an option for him anymore.

5) A note to those taking care of me when I'm old and dying: Never bring me a case of Ensure. Just say, "You're going to be dead soon. Would you like me to put a gallon of ice cream and a package of Oreos in the blender and give you a straw?"

6) I've watched every episode of The Sopranos and The Wire and I think Breaking Bad is better than both. Not by much, but I've enjoyed Breaking Bad more than any show I can remember watching. And I really loved The Wire.

7) Walt, Jr. (Flynn) will probably get his wish that Walt just dies already. No matter how heroic it might seem, don't think there isn't a little part of Walt that is thinking, "This is what that little shit gets for telling me to die."

8) Walt is definitely going to do his best to stick it to his former partners at Gray Matter. Not sure how, but I'd be surprised if he doesn't at least try.

9) Remember the scene when Walt is buying the gun and he practices pulling it out in front of the mirror? I'd love to see a reprise of that with the huge gun he's got in his trunk.

10) The show would have to go completely off the rails in this final episode in order to ruin this series for me. Even if the ending isn't great or satisfying, I've already enjoyed this show more than any other I've ever watched. Sunday's episode won't change that.

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