Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Fall

The first time the temperature drops below 50 in September or October, people start saying things like, "Well, so much for Fall," or "I guess we got cheated out of Fall again this year," or "Welcome to Winter. We went straight from Summer to Winter AGAIN." Guess what, you idiots? THIS IS FALL.

Fall is not some half-assed summer where it stays between 65º and 70º. Sometimes a Fall day starts at 37º and then creeps up to 55º for mid-day. Sometimes a Fall day is between 60º and 65º all day. That's what Fall is. Fluctuating temperatures. Cold. The leaves don't turn if it stays warm all Fall. 

Fall is figuring out if you should just wear a sweater or grab your winter coat and always choosing wrong. Fall is wearing a hoodie one day and wishing you had gloves the next. Fall is making fun of SEC football teams for wearing long sleeves and face covers when they play someone up north and the temp is below 60º. Oh wait. SEC teams never play anyone up north. In the Fall, things get cold. Sometimes it even snows. That doesn't mean it's Winter. Winter has it's own level of cold and snow. Unless you've completely forgotten about February in Chicago, you know what I'm talking about.

So let's stop talking about how we never have a Fall (or Spring) and recognize those seasons for what they are. Schizophrenic transitions between Summer and Winter. And quit your whining, I happen to think this weather is fantastic.


  1. People are always saying how Fall is there favorite season because of the leaves changing (I understand this to happen because of less daylight hours, not the cold), clear skies, and "crisp" air. That shit lasts for 4 days, maybe. Fall means cold, drizzling rain, a gray skies. I personally hate it, but to each their own. However, as far as when Fall begins and ends that shit is pretty much set in stone (Sept 22 or 23 to Dec. 21 or 22). So, even though the weather is all shitty outside, it's still Fall. Fall weather just sucks in Illinois (in my opinion). And to those of you who say it used to be different, I still disagree. I can recall about 2 Halloweens my whole life (36 or 37 years) where the weather was not cold, rainy, or some combination of the both.

    1. Brian, you are 100% correct about the leaves changing -- sometimes I stretch the truth to fit my borderline-comedic needs.

      I've always liked colder weather. I also like the clouds. There's something about the various shades of gray in a cloudy sky that I think is cool. Plus, I'm sure that my fondness towards the Fall has something to do with football season and the beginning of school. I've always loved both of those things. However, I've always hated Halloween so I've always been glad when it gets rained out.

      I've never understood people's obsession with Summer. Too hot. Sweating when not working out is the worst. Of course, I'm a big-time sweater. Not a sweater like cable-knit sweater but sweater like sweaty guy.

  2. I agree with you about summer, as I, too, am a sweater. That's why I love winter! Especially a snowy winter for sledding, skiing, building snow forts, and having snowball fights! Now the kids are old enough, they can get in on the fun. One time last winter, when I got home from work, the kids ambushed me with snowballs from behind their fort. It was awesome!