Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some Programming Notes

Just a quick note to let you guys know that I won't be posting much — if anything — through the end of the year. Not that you expected me to based on my recent posting schedule but I wanted to let you know. I figure it's a nice courtesy to extend to those of you who do read this regularly.

A few programming notes:

I just discovered that a new season of The Bachelor will begin on January 5th. It looks like they're doing a two night premier because that's exactly what we need. If I feel like being a pro, I'll recap them both in separate posts. If I'm not feeling like a pro (especially because the 6th is my birthday and who needs to watch that mess of a show on his birthday?) I'll only do one. 

This is a second programming note because I promised "a few." The plan is to also return to my more regular posting schedule when my Bachelor reviews return. Regular posting schedule? Yes, I had been trying to keep to a Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday schedule. I will try to return to that in January.

I hope to spend some of my time off for the holidays working on a special project that will appear on the blog. It will depend on my wife's schedule but I hope to have a new feature for you in early 2014. Yes, Dee is involved and plays a major role. Will Scarlett be involved as well? Possibly. You'll just have to keep checking the blog.

Also, I totally lied about not posting anything until next year. There will be one more post.

I didn't plan on vaguely announcing an unfinished project as a third programming note but I did. Maybe it will light a fire under my ass. There's your "a few" programming notes. See you in 2014 and thanks for reading.

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