Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thoughts on Richard Sherman's Post-Game Rant

In case you didn’t watch the NFC Championship Game, THIS HAPPENED at the end.

My thoughts:

1) Here are my literal thoughts as the whole thing was going down:
“Oh goody, here comes another boring post-game interview.”
“What in the hell is he saying? Oh, he’s pissed at somebody. Crabtree. Yeah, it’s definitely Crabtree.”
“Did I miss something? Did Crabtree talk trash before the game?”
“This dude went to Stanford. I wonder what his major was?”
*Googles Richard Sherman*
“Oh shit. He was a Communications major. I’m going to tweet this:"

“That was WAY better than any interview Peyton Manning has ever given.”
“Oooh. My tweet is getting lots of retweets.”
“I’m hungry. Where’s that pizza?”

2) I watch football to be entertained. Once the game ends, my entertainment levels drop pretty drastically while I watch boring post-game interviews and replays of the thing I just watched. Richard Sherman woke me from that post-entertainment coma by ENTERTAINING ME SOME MORE. Football is entertainment. Nothing more. These guys have no other duty to us fans than to entertain us by playing the best football they possibly can. Both the Seahawks and 49ers players did just that. Then Sherman took it to the next level. Did he need to call Crabtree “sorry”? No, but he just made a career defining play to send his team to the Super Bowl. I’m willing to let that slide. I was just happy to see a dude fired up about his job.

3) If you don’t know Richard Sherman’s story, look him up. This is a good place to start. He’s a smart dude who has spent his life defying the odds. It definitely lends a little insight into why he reacted the way he did.

4) If you use the word “thug” you are a racist.

5) Richard Sherman is smarter than you and he doesn’t care what you think. Which is exactly why he is way more interesting than about 99% of NFL players.

6) I have a hard time criticizing a dude we should all be celebrating. He is the American Dream story we’ve all been sold since we could understand words. So, yes, let’s make an example of him. Let’s make him the example that we teach everyone to strive for.

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