Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Revision: My ND Football Season Preview

In case you missed my barrage of tweets on Saturday, the Irish destroyed Rice by hitching their wagon to Everett Golson and his seventeen touchdowns. Golson absolutely played out of his mind. He completely blew away all my expectations. I know it’s just one game, but I feel like I need to revise my "Best Case Scenario" for the Notre Dame football season:

My previous “Best Case Scenario”
Best Case Scenario
The Irish beat Rice, Michigan, Purdue and Syracuse to start the season and everyone stays healthy. We lose to Stanford, beat North Carolina and lose to Florida State. We finish with wins against Navy, Northwestern, Louisville and a banged-up USC squad to finish 10-2. No playoff.

My revised “Best Case Scenario”
Golson scores five touchdowns every game, never commits a turnover, blows up highlight reels and keeps his regular season undefeated streak alive through 2014. He wins the Heisman, National Championship, Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Tony, World Cup, Nobel and Hunger Games. We crown him Forever President and his first move is to relegate Michigan to FCS status. The nation rejoices, crime disappears, and the world suddenly finds itself in an unprecedented state of complete peace and harmony. Sure, overpopulation will still be an issue, but no one’s perfect. 

There. That’s my revised “Best Case Scenario.”

(h/t to @IrishMoonJ for the suggestion. Follow that guy if you've got the Twitters.)


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